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cad_cam_IMG_1570LavaTM We have a dedicated, fully qualified dental technician creating our LavaTM copings which allows us to follow your prescription precisely thus

producing an accurate CAD/CAM generated zirconia framework.


We offer LavaTM zirconia for single crowns, bridge frameworks of up to 8 units and full contour crowns with characterisation, all of which give excellent depth of colour and strong compressive strength.

AtlantisTM Having been the first laboratory in Europe to have the ability to remotely scan AtlantisTM abutments our level of expertise is second to none.

AtlantisTM is an excellent solution for cement-retained implant prosthetics patient-specific abutment which is individually designed from the final tooth shape it provides outstanding functionality and aesthetics using the implant system of your choice.

With this level of technology coupled with our in-depth knowledge of the AtlantisTM system we can assure you of first class technical support and a highly efficient turn round time.