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ImplantologyImplantology is an area where we feel we excel. We have a team of 9 highly trained, skilled technicians that bring together a variety of disciplines to ensure we offer the best service possible to our clients.

Our disciplines include cad cam design, milling, waxing and casting, prosthetics, porcelain, radio-graphic and surgical stent fabrication, all working together with our clients to give the patient the best aesthetic and functional out come.

Using first class alloys from Switzerland and the Cresco TM system, we work on all major implant systems including Astra, Straumaan, Nobel, Ankylos, 3i, xive and Implantium.

Using the Cresco TM system allows us to produce passively fitting screw retained implant bridges in the material of your choice. ·With the ability to allow angulation correction of up to 17 degrees it allows you to achieve optimal aesthetics whilst using your preferred implant system. ·An excellent system giving a well received result to you and your patient.

Implant work now accounts for a large proportion of our business and our clients tell us that our results are outstanding. But don't take our word for it - take a look at our testimonials!